Live Bait for Sale (Seasonal: May-Mid October)

The addition of live bait to the retail portion of our business is like a hook, line, and a sinker ~ it’s just meant to be.

Our 200 gallon minnow tank provides a huge volume of fresh water to give our bait plenty of room with great water quality that ensures your minnows are fresh and lively.  A regular turnover of bait ensures that we are continually re-stocking and keeping a healthy supply for your fishing needs.

We are the only retail store in Sioux Lookout that provides you purchase options such as: on-line ordering or pre-ordering.

Our minnows are sorted standard size, comprising of a good quality medium.  We may include a few smaller or larger than standard, but don’t worry…those come to you as a “better than a dozen” count.


Details to get your hands on our feisty minnows:

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit cards…. and cash of course
  • Arrange to leave us your credit card details for quick and easy payment
  • Call us at 737-1279 ahead of time and have it bagged up for quick and convenient pick-up
  • Place your order online by clicking the “Select options” button on this page
  • Get a pre-paid certificate for multiple pick-ups and multiple dozens, taking any amount at any time
  • Drive to the lodge just 10 km’s south of town right off Highway 72. There is plenty of room to pull your rig through without having to back up or figure out how to turn around
  • Boat to our docks on Abram Lake for easy lake access on your way out fishing the Pelican/Abram/Botsford/Minnitaki chain of lakes