Boat Shrink Wrapping Services

Being in the marine industry for years, we know exactly how expensive it is to buy a boat, not to mention how costly it is to replace carpeting or decking that has weathered and become damaged!  That is what gave us the idea to invest in both proper equipment, and training for our professional staff to provide this service to you.

Everyone boat is different, and with that in mind we tailor a wrapping program specifically designed with your boats needs in mind.  Every one of our wraps includes careful planning from the start to the finish, and includes the following details:

  1. Pricing is based on the total footage of the boat to be covered.  If you have a 17’ boat and you will be wrapping the engine as well, you are looking at approximately 19’ of wrap.
  2. All boats are fitted with 2×4 bracing posts, custom fit to ensure the proper height of the wrap to clear windshields and gunnels, allowing for the snow to be easily removed (should there be excessive snowfall).
  3. The posts are all fitted with a protective pad to minimize weak points in the wrap, and allow for tight cross bracing using a polyester strapping.
  4. Sharp corners and trolling motor brackets are padded with foam to reduce weak points in the wrap.
  5. A band of strapping runs down the center from end-to-end of your boat, making sure that the plastic wrap has solid support over the entire length.
  6. The wrap is secured to your trailer with these same woven bands, making it safe to tow down the road while keeping the cover firmly in place.
  7. We use blue 8 mil shrink wrap film that is better than the standard 7 mil often used.
  8. All seams are taped with a high quality heat shrink tape.
  9. Every boat is vented, allowing airflow under the cover and reducing moisture buildup without compromising the covers integrity.

Contact Us for Details on Boat Shrink Wrapping Service

    From Personal Water Craft to Pontoons and everything in between, we can help you take care of your investment.  Contact us for pricing and to book your appointment for the end of the fishing season.  We will be available to wrap boats late into the fall, giving all the “die-hards” the opportunity to maximize the fishing season and knowing their rig will be put away dry.